How Smart Anh works

All transactions in Smart Anh are carried out using the MetaMask wallet, it can be a browser add-on or a mobile application. The wallet must be configured to work on the "Binance Smart Chain" network.

When buying one token, it is cloned during the transaction and the buyer receives 2 identical tokens as a result, the difference between them is only in the ID.

  • In the same transaction, the entire amount that was paid when buying this token is divided in half:
  • the first part is returned to the balance of the seller in the pyramid, as compensation for his investments
  • 3% is subtracted from the second part, and the rest is divided equally among all former owners of this token (these are dividends)

the remaining 3% from the second part (this is 1.5% of the total amount), if the buyer has a referrer, are transferred to his account (these are referral deductions), if there is no referrer, they remain on the smart contract account.

As a result, if a participant sells 2 tokens he received when buying one, he already returns all his investments and at any time can withdraw them from the balance of the pyramid to his wallet and subsequently receive a net profit, without any risks.

By purchasing the first token, you create your own branch (you can say your own pyramid), because with all further token cloning, no matter how many are created after you, your address will also be present in each of these tokens as a "former owner" , and from the sale of any of them, you will receive dividends, indefinitely, it is impossible to refuse to accrue dividends to your balance in the pyramid.

It is important to remember that the only way to access the balance in the project is your wallet, if you lose access to it, you will never be able to withdraw your profit.

Smart Anh is a highly profitable decentralized crypto project. We will not hide behind noble goals, everything is simple with us - we give all of you the opportunity to receive huge interest, earn big money and earn together with you!

Activate your referral link, find referrals and get 1.5% from each purchase of a token by your referrals.

Buy a token and you can do nothing at all, but don't forget to come and take profits. But, if you want extra profit, then after buying a token, distribute your referral link, bring new customers and your balance will grow at a fantastic rate!

How much can you earn? We could write a lot of beautiful numbers here, with large percentages, but why? It is difficult to say the exact figure, it is difficult to calculate how much each individual investor will earn, everything depends only on him and no one else. Without buying a token, only with referral deductions, it will be one amount, if you buy a token and decide to do passive income, that is, do nothing else, your deposit can increase by 2-3 times, but it will not be too fast, but if you buy a token and actively promote your referral link, even the figure of 1000% of the initial deposit is not the limit. Your possibilities in Smart Anh are endless!

Don't miss your chance to come here first! The longer you hesitate, the more profit you miss!

Referral system

Smart Anh is a decentralized project that is hosted on the blockchain, there is no standard registration on the site, your wallet on the "Binance Smart Chain" network is your account.

Correctly using all the advantages of our referral system, you can increase your deposit tenfold!

The referral link is the address of your wallet, but until you activate it, this link will not bring you profit. If a person comes through your non-activated referral link, he will not become your referral.

There are two ways to activate a referral link:

  1. Click on the "Activate referral" button, confirm this action in the MetaMask pop-up window and your referral link will be activated, this transaction requires the payment of a small network commission, just a few cents.
  2. Buy a token. During the purchase process, the referral link is activated automatically.

How the referral program works:

There are two options for earning money with a referral link.

  • The first one is a standard one-level referral system where you activate your link and invite new members through it. Everyone who comes through this link and activates their referral link in any way will become your referral. When your referrals purchase tokens, you will receive 1.5% of its total value.
  • The second is the purchase of a token, during which your referral link is activated. In this case, you will receive all referral accruals from the first option, as well as additional dividends from further resales of tokens that you had, as well as all tokens that were cloned from your tokens. This profit option can be thousands of percent of your initial investment in the purchase of one token.