Project Logo

🔨 The Anhydrite project is currently renovating the site as it updates its structure and direction.

📜 The Significance of Anhydrite in Our Project

Anhydrite is more than just a mineral; it represents strength, unity, and transformation. Its unique qualities enable it to combine different elements into a cohesive whole, similar to our platform's goal of merging the worlds of gaming and blockchain.

💪 Strength Through Unity

Anhydrite is often used as a "binding agent" to connect diverse materials. In our case, the Anhydrite Gaming Ecosystem (AGE) acts as a digital "cement," bringing together gamers, server administrators, and developers into a single ecosystem rooted in blockchain technology.

🌱 Transformation and Evolution

Anhydrite is formed through the evaporation of water from gypsum, which is similar to evolution and adaptation. Our platform goes beyond just integrating blockchain into gaming; it creates new opportunities for transforming these industries and elevating them to new levels of development.

🌌 Endless Possibilities

Just as anhydrite can be used in various industrial processes, our project offers numerous opportunities for growth and adaptation, from simple cryptocurrency exchanges to the creation of unique NFTs and integration with other blockchain projects.

🔗 In Conclusion

In conclusion, Anhydrite is not just a name; it's our philosophy. We believe in the power of unity and transformation, and our aim is not just to create a technological platform, but a unified ecosystem that intertwines gaming and blockchain for the benefit of the entire community.

Core Idea

The creation of a unified ecosystem for multiplayer server games that allows the integration of blockchain functionality via Binance Smart Chain. The system facilitates cryptocurrency and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) transactions directly within the gaming environment.

Target Audience

Key Features

  1. Player Wallets: The ability to create and manage cryptocurrency wallets directly in the gaming interface.
  2. Transactions and Transfers: Interaction between players via transactions of various cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  3. Server Store: For server administrators — the option to set up a proprietary in-game store, where players can purchase items, services, and get access to exclusive content via cryptocurrency.
  4. NFT Integration: The creation, buying, selling, and exchange of NFT assets.
  5. Server Token: The ability to create and use proprietary tokens as a primary or secondary in-game currency.
  6. Extension Modules: Additional functionalities for voting, raffles, competitions, and charity events.


The basic set of functionalities is free. Add-on modules and advanced features are free, with a small Anhydrite cryptocurrency fee for installation. The fee is burned in the transaction process, regulating circulation and value.


High level of cryptographic security and compliance with regulatory standards for financial transactions.


The project is designed with future scalability and compatibility with new games and blockchains in mind.


The Anhydrite Gaming Ecosystem aims to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology accessible and useful for the broader gaming community, providing new opportunities for both players and server administrators.